Welcome to O'Rourke Painters

For over 40 years the name O’Rourke has been a trusted brand name around the Waikato for quality paint and decorative projects.

Kerry O’Rourke of O’Rourke Painters is a registered and qualified tradesperson and for the large part of his professional trade career he has been a Master Painter.


O’Rourke Painters specialise in repaint and decorative projects, as years of industry knowhow have earned O’Rourke Painters an ‘eye for things’ and are open to make suggestions on any project if need be.

O’Rourke Painters also complete a number of commercial and housing projects each year in and around the Waikato, some of which are displayed in the portfolio.

So if you want someone you can trust to paint or decorate, give O’Rourke Painters a call or ask for a quote today


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